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“I want to be able to change the life of people, to give them the opportunity to achieve their own dreams and goals and not have sickness or disease stand in their way. I believe that if I can change the life of even one person through my career aspirations, I will have changed the world for better.”

Hello Hareem

Monash University

Bachelor of Biomedicine

 Year of Study:
2nd Year

Local Foundation:
Country Education Foundation of Walgett

Having moved to Australia from Pakistan, Hareem’s family settled into the Far West NSW town of Lightening Ridge in 2008. With an importance placed on education by her parents, intelligence that saw her skip year 8 and a true passion for helping people, it is no surprise she is now studying Biomedicine at Monash University.


Hareem says that choosing to study Biomedicine means she has a good, strong basis on which to build the rest of her career, allowing her the flexibility to either continue on the path of general practice, or to specialise in surgery down the track.

Like so many students this year, Hareem found online study as a result of COVID-19 challenging, however she says, When you want to do something you try hard, and that’s what I do to maintain a positive attitude.’

Despite what has been a testing year, Hareem says she has been able to refocus and get her ‘mind in the  game.’

With wisdom and insight well beyond her years, Hareem believes the difficulties of 2020 have given her the opportunity to experience something new, and to learn new skills she may not have developed otherwise.

I believe my experience from this year will benefit me greatly in the future, whatever place I may be in.

With long-term plans remaining to become a doctor and pursue a career in surgery, Hareem knows this is a long road, but with a drive and desire to help people, it’s one she knows is absolutely worthwhile.


With three younger siblings, including a brother in year 11 now studying at boarding school due to the unavailability of certain subjects in Lightning Ridge, Hareem is very aware of the financial strain this puts on her family, and is this is why she is grateful for the support of CEF.

For the last two years, Country Education Foundation of Walgett have been supporting Hareem, and committee member, Penny Fahey is quick to sing the praises of this young woman saying  ‘Hareem is a delightful girl who has made the most of every opportunity presented to her. She knows what she wants and has always been able to focus on this with a smile and a loving response to all who have taken an interest in her,’ and is so proud that her story is being shared with the CEF family.

Hareem says the CEF Walgett has been great. “They keep in touch with me regularly and ensure that I am well, and also that my studies are going well, this is something for which I am extremely thankful, it is something that puts a smile on your face amongst the hectic routine and life.”

Maintaining contact throughout the year helps especially in this time when you feel so isolated and CEF has really stuck with me throughout, for which I am very grateful.

Not only has Hareem had wonderful support form her family and CEF Walgett, but from a local teacher. Nikki Currey went above and beyond, retraining in year 12 Chemistry teaching, studying on weekends and often driving 200km each day from a desperately drought affected farm to be able to teach Hareem and a handful of other students the subjects they needed to pursue their dreams.

With commitment, pride and dedication, Hareem is set to accomplish even more when she returns to campus at Monash in 2021. And, with her family, community and CEF behind her, there is no doubt we will be writing a follow up profile of Dr. Sohail in the future.


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