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The Country Education Foundation of Walgett (CEF Walgett) was established to provide much needed financial assistance and support to local youth to help them achieve their post high school education, training and vocational aspirations.

CEF Walgett is a local foundation of the Country Education Foundation (CEF), a national not-for-profit organisation helping rural and regional youth access education, training and jobs through grants, scholarships, support services and resources.

We recognise that the cost of regional students pursuing their post- high school goals is often much greater than those of their metropolitan counterparts, and that sometimes these costs can be prohibitive. With a passion for seeing rural and regional youth succeed, CEF Walgett fundraises throughout the year and accepts donations from local residents and businesses in order to provide financial grants to students who need an extra helping hand. The funds come directly from your local community – none of it is government funded – celebrating the aspirations of local youth and working to help them achieve these aspirations. It’s our way of saying “we believe in you and want to support your goals”.


The Country Education Foundation of Walgett Committee is a small, dynamic group of volunteers passionate about the education of our local youth.

Judy Newton


With deep roots in the Walgett district and a passion for education equity, I am committed to participating in this community and witnessing educational dreams come true. Higher educational opportunities must be accessible to all students, no matter where they live. As CEF Walgett grows, so do our connections and networks, creating a supportive community for our young people.

Andrew Dunlop


I believe in the power of higher education. Individuals are transformed and so are the communities that they support and that support them. Ensuring students from rural and remote regions gain equal access and are then supported through their tertiary studies is what we do at CEF Walgett.

Anna Wilson

Publicity Officer

I believe all young people deserve the opportunity to access education no matter where you live. Being able to support young people transition to higher education and achieve their educational goals is extremely rewarding.

Prue Sinclair

Acting Secretary

I grew up in the Walgett district surrounded by a strong, supportive community and enjoy continuing this support by helping young people discover life possibilities through education. Doreen Peters and I support the Harry Powell & Henry Peters scholarship honouring the work of Aboriginal stockmen together with landholders, awarded to young people with a good work ethic and sense of humour in adversity. We'd love your support!

Doreen Peters

Committee Member

As a young Aboriginal person growing up in Walgett, I can relate to the financial struggles of many people today in getting a good education. I believe education is knowledge to power. I am pleased to be a team member of CEF Walgett, who have tirelessly helped and supported many young people in our remote and isolated areas to reach their potential in gaining higher education through either university or TAFE, so they gain life skills and knowledge to obtain permanent and meaningful employment.

Sarah Thomas

Committee Member

I believe fully in the transformative power of education and I am passionate about providing opportunities to country kids. I was fortunate enough to have a supportive community around me as a young person and it is my goal to give back to the community that has given me so much through my involvement with the CEF Walgett

Penny Fahey

Committee Member

Education opens so many doors, and opportunities need to be given to students in isolated areas. I have experienced disadvantage in my time living in the Lightning Ridge area for many years. I like students to be able to use their knowledge, skills and experience to help them achieve goals. This comes at a financial cost hence my interest in CEF Walgett.

Joy Webster

Committee Member

I attended primary and high school in Walgett before going away for boarding school and tertiary education. I felt very supported by the Walgett community throughout my education. I am happy being part of an organisation that encourages and supports young people to pursue education and training while overcoming difficulties associated with accessing education from country locations.

Kate Treweeke

Committee Member

An education is important, no matter how we achieve it, so ensuring students from rural and remote regions gain equal access is very important to me. As we all know the cost of students pursuing their chosen tertiary pathway can be high. Here at CEF Walgett we can provide some assistance so that they can reach their goals and return to our communities.


CEF Walgett is proudly one of 45 local foundations that make up the Country Education Foundation of Australia network.

Local foundations engage in fundraising to provide local grants and scholarships to youth in their areas. This financial support ranges from $500 to $5,000 per student, per year and helps buy textbooks and laptops for uni students, purchase tools and equipment for apprentices and assists rural and regional youth to relocate to take up career opportunities.

CEF’s national office, based in Orange, NSW, provides financial support, training and resources to this family of local foundations through seed funding, student support resources, volunteer resources, governance and compliance advice, accounting, technology, insurances, event management and advocacy.

CEF also partners with tertiary institutions and corporate and philanthropic organisations across the country to provide additional funding and support to CEF local grant and scholarship recipients.

CEF Australia has tax deductibility 1 status (DGR1), so all donations over $2 are fully tax deductible.


Volunteers are at the heart of our work. We cannot continue to support rural and regional students undertake post-school education if we don’t have amazing, passionate volunteers.

This is a generally a year-round commitment, and the level of participation required varies between locations and position held within the foundation.

Duties could include:
  • Grant application shortlisting
  • Interviewing
  • Fundraising
  • PR and promotion
  • Student engagement and liaising
  • Office bearer positions: Chair, Treasurer, Secretary etc…
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